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No really, I’ve posted a couple of blog articles and posts that I hope give you a good idea of the kind of thing you’ll find if you come back and visit regularly.  The main focus of the blog is you, the visitor and reader, so if you think there are areas you’d love to see the blog feature, drop me a message and, in time, I’ll do my best to accommodate.

In a nutshell, what is Lifeforce about? Well, I guess my thinking behind the blog site is that:

  • Life is full of opportunity and challenges and too often, because of insecurities and low self-esteem, we miss the opportunities and get freaked by the challenges. Life is sweet and salt.
  • In general, though not always, people will make the effort to change their lives if they can be motivated to change where needed. This doesn’t fall out of the sky or from the gods, you gotta help others with information and insight. Spread the word to another if you find something useful for you on this site please!
  • We’re probably capable of a lot more than we may often give ourselves credit for, but often get waylaid by what’s going on inside ourselves, rather than what’s going on outside. Things like insecurity, negativity, other people’s opinions, stuff that’s happened in our life. It is all fear at the end of the day – just different forms. Being able to understand, accept and overcome where we get hung-up will help to get and keep us on ‘track.’
  • There is a balance between one’s physical, emotional, mental and ‘spiritual’ needs. Ignoring these needs doesn’t help nurture and make the best use of our energy, but when we’re aware of these and do something about it, things often start working out more smoothly or we begin to feel more balanced and content.

That’s it…hope you enjoy reading some of the articles on here.

Check out these articles to get started. I’d love to know what you think…

Life changes: If you’re wanting to make some change in your life: ‘Savour the Small Wins’. Also ‘The Cirque Du Soleil and 7 tips for  life and achieving goals.’. If you’ve time, “Try “I’m not doing this.””

Self-esteem: try reading these articles: ‘Compassion is the root of love’; and also ‘Your Star Within’.

Thanks, Paul Thompson


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