About me

Here it goes…

First off, I should say I’m not a qualified expert in psychology, spirituality, medicine, finance or any other professional field of expertise around.

But, from an early age I’ve had my fair share of great ups (family, friends, school, work, money, relationships, mental health, etc) and serious downs (family, friends, school, work, money, relationships, mental health, etc).

Opportunities missed because of a lack of focus, insecurities and pride, and opportunities maximised that materialised into happiness far surpassing anything I had hoped for because of courage, perseverance, optimism and a ‘what the hell’ attitude when needed at critical moments.

I’ve learnt a huge amount about understanding life from people who are in my life, people who have come and gone, and I hope people yet to appear!

The one thing I’ve always done though, whether life is riding high or felt like it is on the edge of a cliff, is to look at what’s going on inside as well as outside me, learn from ‘lessons’ ignored or ‘mistakes’ made, successes achieved and unexpected gains, and apply the little that I’ve picked up, to keep learning, growing and hoping to experience the best of my time and life.

I’ve a passion for self-development and learning, completely believe in the ‘inner’ as well as ‘outer’ needs of people, and that given the opportunities/resources, tools and insight, most people can achieve a lot more than they give themselves credit for, if they are motivated to and if they know how to.

That’s all. Nothing special.

I hope you find something in this blogsite of use to wherever you are right now on life, and if so spread the word please.


Paul Thompson

London, U.K.


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