About the blog

Lifeforce is a blog about positive living. It aims to focus on physical, emotional and ‘spiritual’ wellbeing.

It not all about being fluffy and light. Stuff – good and bad – happens.

But, it is about a ‘can do’ attitude and about doing the best you can.

What more can anyone, including each of us, ask?

Hopefully, it will bring you a mix of original writing, helping insight from the great work others are putting out there, and practical tools all in way that is of use to you the reader.

Posts, information, resources and links are also drawn from a range of areas including science, art, literature, music, spirituality (and whatever takes the author’s insatiable curiosity).

The blog doesn’t pretend to any answers, and hopefully doesn’t come across as preachy or dictating.

Nor do I profess to offer any professional advice – medical, legal, psychological, financial or otherwise (the legal bit).

But hopefully, there might be something of use, for you, the reader, to find your own, clear, confident answers within.

Those are always the best answers.

If you’d like to see other stuff covered, let me know, and I promise to consider it.

If you do like what you read, then please feel free to subscribe to receive new posts directly.

And tell your friends, tweeters and bloggers please.

Many thanks



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