The Path

In Changing life, Happiness, Life goals, Positivity, Productivity on November 11, 2013 at 8:53 pm

The path takes you into uncharted territory, if you decide to take a walk down it.

The worry might be that if the end of the path isn’t clear, the consequence of walking it, of taking the journey might end badly.

Walking your path might feel like it could devour you.

True, it might, in a way.

Forcing you to leave the old behind for something different and hopefully something better.

Making any real or new change in life isn’t always easy, uncomplicated or not messy.

You might feel blind as to where you’re going to end up.

But, you have to walk the path, take action, to step forward and progress. Otherwise, things stay as they are.

Opportunities come and go.

Ironically it’s walking the path that might help you develop and grow.

Scary as it is.

Its true, as the old saying says “It is your path. No one can walk it for you.”

But, be assured, even though you can’t leapfrog the path or take shortcuts on the journey, you do have influence over how far and fast you walk it.

Your direction is not totally out of your hands. That’s comforting.

You have some control, so why not go for it?


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