Blessings and lessons of Life

In Changing life, Joy, Positivity on September 10, 2013 at 10:47 pm

There is an old saying: “Some people come into your life as blessings; some people come into your life as lessons”.

Hopefully, most of us have at some time and the good fortune to have people and situations come into your life as wonderful sources of joy, strength, love and support. It might be a great parent or sibling, a new friend, a great relationship, good colleagues at work, or the simple kindness from a stranger. The feeling of happiness this brings is indeed a ‘blessing’ metaphorically speaking.

The blessing comes in two ways. First, from the simple recognition of the good fortune that having such people in one’s life brings.

Second, from the appreciation that follows from you to them, and them to you.

Just having the first is ultimately self-indulgent. Adding the second is what changes self-indulgence to something more than just a focus on yourself. Appreciation leads to gratitude, and gratitude fortifies the link between two different people. And with that great things might be possible.

Every person also comes into your life as a lesson. Not necessarily in a negative way as the quote might first suggest. But whilst we’ve probably all been in situations that have not been happy or good, there’s something good, that can be taken from those (in some, not all cases).

Accept every person and situation in life as an opportunity to learn. It may be a blessing, or a lesson. But its a chance to learn. To learn about yourself. To learn about them.  For them to learn about themselves. For them to learn about you.

What a wonderful exchange of life! This means every person, situation and lesson, is potentially a blessing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that harsh or unhappy situations are easy to cope with, but with a different perspective it becomes easier to take something of value from a lot of situations, good and bad. This can be enough to help foster and permit healing into one’s life and mind.

And what does this mean for those instances where people and situations are already great sources of happiness. Well, it opens up even greater possibilities for these instances to transform into a symphony of joy, and to crown this with Love, in the grandest and most universal sense of the word. The greatest blessing.

Every person is both a blessing and a lesson. Maybe that is the point. To see the opportunity for learning and insight in every person who crosses your path as a good fortune. Why? Because learning, brings insight, which leads to understanding, which  brings greater knowledge and more perspective. About yourself and about life. All these treasures are the fruit of self-awareness and that helps creates more inner strength to navigate the tides of life with a bit more confidence and certainty.


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