A Recipe for Life

In Changing life, Joy, Life goals, Positivity on September 8, 2013 at 2:02 pm
Preparation time: how long is a piece of string? (Anything from 8 to 120 years old?)Cooking time: varies depending on kind of circumstances you find yourself in, and how you deal with this, but the right attitude will vastly reduce time needed to bake

Ingredients: some may be harder to source than others but if you search inside hard enough you’ll find plenty in supply

600ml/1 pint 2fl oz of ‘The Milk of Human Kindness’

60g/2 oz of ‘Compassion For Self and for Others’ (otherwise recipe lacks substance)

680g/1½lb of ‘Mental, Emotional and/or Spiritual Resilience’ (extra strong kind preferred) plus a bit extra for dusting down those things in life you didn’t see coming

1 Bottle of ‘Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You’ (Otherwise known as The Golden Rule).

10 tablespoons of ‘Focus and Discipline’ (difficult to source sometimes but an essential part of the mix)

1 ‘Glass Half Full of Optimism’ (be sure to check this isn’t lukewarm otherwise it might be really be a ‘Glass Half Full of Negativity’)

4 teaspoons of ‘Faith and Hope and Imagination’ (needs to be applied otherwise the recipe won’t work and will fall flat. Apply daily).

30g/1oz of ‘Coarse Stubbornness’ (adds a bit of extra grit)

3 tablespoons of ‘Extra Virgin Innocence’ (keeps your mind fresh and open to the wonders of life and scares unnecessary cynicism away)

3-4 drops of ‘The Essence of Integrity and Respect’ (this is easy to forget, especially when being selfish, but without it the recipe has no character)

Extra/optional ingredients:

1 teaspoon of ‘Flair’
5 sprigs of ‘Originality’
200 ml of ‘Constant Curiosity’

Grease the pan liberally with ‘The Butter of Acceptance and Letting Go’ so that unnecessary and old obstacles/situations don’t stick and ruin the baking and delay cooking

Mix all ingredients together. Doesn’t matter which ones first as the parts can’t be separated from the whole (and vice-versa).

Bake at a high/intense temperature to forge a permanent change, being sure to occasionally check that the centre is firm and not soggy, by seeing how you deal and react to the opportunities and challenges Life throws at you.

Sit back and enjoy.

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