The antidote to fear is a courage

In Changing life, Life goals, Productivity on July 29, 2013 at 10:12 pm

Fear plays such a massive part in life to the point that it can determine the story of what a life ends up being in the long-run.

Its easy to sail through Life being buffeted by the push and pull of fear without facing it down or sometimes even realising when we’re acting, thinking and living with the stink of Fear hanging over us.

Depending on how we respond, this can lead to success/failure; happiness/unhappiness; great experiences/average experiences; a fulfilled life/unfulfilled life.

Getting past it can be helped by the mastery of courage.

‘Mastery’ is the word I use deliberately because courage isn’t a static or stationary thing. In the face of some new difficulty or challenge courage requires a person to try their best to step up/move forward and past the barrier – courage has to be found again, and again and again, and again and again and again.

Committing to that act of courage, specific to each different situation, at different times in life, staring you in the face, and in the moment, takes a lot of time to learn and be comfortable with. But it’s essential if dead energy and old experiences are to be laid aside, and new opportunities and different experiences taken advantage of.

Moving past fear and anxiety comes from tackling daily the little and big situations that unnerve us with a healthy dose of courage. Then it’s possible to see that the worst is unlikely to happen (most of the time) and that you’re more capable and stronger than you thought.


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