Perfect progress if you want to progress perfection

In Changing life, Joy, Life goals, Productivity on July 2, 2013 at 10:30 pm

Wanting to do your best in life is one of the greatest things to pursue.

But what happens when wanting to do your best gets in the way of actually moving forward?

The pursuit of getting it right and of wanting it (whatever “it” might be) to be perfect enough.

This leads to procrastination.

Procrastination raises its ugly head in many forms. It’s a cunning thing.

Not making progress might be down to lots of different things – money, resources, illness, little time to spare.

But when its down to the pursuit of perfection, without taking action, it’s a bit of a wishful dream, and in some cases, more likely, a fear of failure, of risk or of trying.

Sometimes you have to throw your hat into the ring. Even that simple act is progress.

A new chapter in life never happens without turning a page.

Without trying.

Perfection isn’t necessary in any area of life for success or a great experience.

Progress is though.

Even the greats of history had to make progress before experiencing perfection.

And their perfection came at some unspecified, unplanned and unexpected time in the future.  It dawned on them, when it chose, and after they put themselves in the thick of it.

Perfection came through the progress of hard work, maybe a bit of luck sometimes, but always through actions.

The perfection of progress is what matters.

Perfect progress, if you want to progress perfection.



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