Manage your energy first, and your time second

In Changing life, Happiness, Life goals, Productivity on June 30, 2013 at 8:27 pm

I’m not sure if science has ever calculated how many millions of thoughts we have during a lifetime,  i’m not sure it’s possible.

“Life is short” is a popular maxim. so “make the most of your time” is the saying that usually follows. True,  it is, compared to history past or the infinitesimal eternity of the universe. But making the most of our time is often impacted by how we make the most of our energy.

Managing your energy or rather your moods is perhaps an alternative tool in making the most of time. Then managing your time might be easier to apply and follow through?

Thoughts drive one’s nature and actions, which are especially driven by feelings . Feelings about yourself or others, things that have gone on in the past or hopes and fears about things you might want to do in the future.

With a better sense of your own emotional and mental energy it might become possible to know when you’re going off track from enjoying the best about life or yourself.

Focusing on goals and productive activity that needs to be pursued to move you forward can be very tricky to say the least if you’re energy is flying all around the place. The mind is restless when in state of flux or is unanchored, and in that state is normally far from the present. This can make it harder to see what’s really going on life, what needs to be done at that time and the time it needs to be done in, and what you need to do to achieve something.

How is it possible to manage your energy better? There are no clear cut answers and no magic pills. It takes effort and practice and discipline, willingness to fall of the wagon and determination to keep trying until a shift takes root.

A few suggestions. Take time out everyday to review where you went high and low in the day and what triggered that? It might begin to lead to an understanding of ‘why’ that’s so. Maybe it’s diet. Crap food doesn’t really produce great moods. There’s a wealth of nutrition informational out there. Perhaps meditation and silence helps to sort out the mental “wheat and the chaff.” In other words the crap and the good stuff that filters the mind every moment and blunts your sense of self. Maybe get to sleep earlier to ensure you’re fighting fit and refreshed the next day. Exercise might be another help. Developing a stronger sense of  self esteem or what I call self-honour is a good way of countering dips. Finally, a sense of perspective about things may also help throw things into sharp relief and bring a realisation that there is a way through, or things will change.

Better understanding about your own energy, what impacts it and how easy it is to lose control of, might help you to get your ducks in a row and start getting clearer about the things you’d like to do and achieve, because with a bit more awareness, I think it takes people to a better or at least different space to make alternative,  and maybe more fulfilling choices.


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