“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

In Changing life, Happiness, Positivity, Resolutions 2012 on April 12, 2012 at 7:43 am

Sometimes when it seems there ain’t nothing much going on in life, Opportunity comes a knockin’ at your door. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always appear in full glorious technicolour saying “I’m your ticket to the future, grab me whilst you can!”

We often need to sniff out Opportunity and become keenly aware of her presence. That’s why trying to stay ‘awake’ and live in the present as much as you can is practically important as well – you might miss opportunities if you’re dozing and drugged up thinking about the past.

Sometimes Opportunity needs a helping hand and sometimes, to misquote a phrase, “will help those who help themselves.” This is when you need to ‘venture’ to ‘gain.’

What might appear to be nothing on first impression could be an avenue to something. If you could capture this in an equation it would be: nothing + venture=something gained.

However, this is often a lot easier said than done. Opportunity may be standing stark naked in front of your face, but it doesn’t mean we always grab her. Of course, not all opportunities lead to something good and there are the times when what looked like the right opportunity, in fact, was not; much to our chagrin. Lesson learnt hopefully.

But you can take a cautious and calculated assessment of the pros and cons of giving Opportunity your hand. What you might lose, but equally what you could gain? No-one ever said life would be straightforward, or not meet with difficultly or obstacles. But the effort you pour into considering  Opportunity when she appears, could give her a chance to grow, legs to move forward and the energy to mature something that appears to be nothing, into gold. A happy path revealed by looking Opportunity in the face and exploring her gifts.

At the end of all the considering, thinking and analysis though, you still have to take a chance, you still have to venture. Go for it!

  • Lesson: Opportunity appears in all sort of guises – people popping into your life, situations that come about, events that happen out of the blue. Venturing something – time, energy, money, emotions – is essential if you want to understand where opportunities might take you. Be open-minded.
  • Tip: eliminate anxiety or doubt by sitting down, grabbing some pen and paper, and start listing the pros and cons of any opportunity you’ve been thinking about pursuing. What practical action can you take and what practical things can you do?

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