Learning, Quitting & ‘the Talent Fairy.’

In Changing life, Life goals, Productivity, Resolutions 2012 on February 25, 2012 at 5:00 am

This is the first of, what I hope, will be a weekly round-up of blog post by other bloggers I’ve come across and think are worth checking out:

  • Remembering things better: Years ago (well, not that long ago) I used to do acting classes and needed to learn bits of script every week for class.Not easy. Annie Murphy Paul’s advice on memorising information like actors do, is invaluable (‘What Actors Can Teach Us About Memory and Learning’). She highlights three key things that actors do to deliver great performances( yes, it is hard work, they don’t just turn up on the night).First, find the ‘throughline’ the events that cause one event to fall into the next (finding the whys). Second, link actions to your physical actions, so that your body remembers information, as well as your mind. Finally, invest as much emotion as you can in the words and information so it gets imprinted on your brain!
  • How to get better: At Expert Enough, I’d recommended reading a recent post, ‘5 Avoidable Things Keeping You From Getting Good’. Why? Posing the question how can those of us who want to learn new things to become remarkable. A very useful point is made about “not worshipping the talent fairy.” This is the trap, rarely motivating, that all of the greats we look up to in life have got where they have because they were blessed with natural talent. This can make others think, why bother trying, never gonna get there! The point that Expert Enough reminds readers of is it is motivation and commitment that has pushed the greats forward, not natural talent.
  • Knowing when to walk away: The importance of making choices about goals and priorities is summed up in a great little blog post by motivational psychologist, Heidi Grant Halvorson. Her post, ‘Quit.Do it Now’ might go against the grain of a lot of personal development blogs, but it chimes with a good deal of common sense and an understanding about human limits and the complexity of choice and desires. Advice includes deciding which goal has to go, how much will pursuing a goal cost you, and not sinking into regrets when you do give up a goal.
  • Getting past the ‘roadblock’: Over at The Art of Non-Conformity, Chris Guillebeau offers some useful tips on how to get back on track if you’re life has been sidetracked in the past by people and situations. Couple of key tips definitely worth noting from, ‘What To Do About Those People Who Sidetracked Your Life’: (1) Don’t be bitter; be neutral, and (2) Refuse to believe that you’ll never truly be okay.

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