“The happiest man in the world” interviewed on the BBC

In Uncategorized on September 3, 2011 at 11:17 pm

Interesting interview on the BBC World Service with Matthieu Ricard at the bottom of this link:

“Matthieu Ricard is officially the “happiest person in the world”. Neuroscientists in the US have declared Ricard, the French translator of the Dalai Lama, to be the happiest man they have ever tested.As a young man he gave up a privileged life in Paris and the promise of a distinguished career as a genetic scientist to train as a Buddhist Monk in India. He has now brought the scientific rigour of his early life to collaborating in research into how the brain can function better through meditation and happiness.

In this Heart and Soul interview he talks insightfully and openly to Emily Kasriel about his decision to become a monk, what happiness is and how we can all achieve it.”

In the interview he talks about his own life and ways to find greater happiness in life. He touches on the power and strength of the mind as a way of finding inner resources to cope with ups and down. Also, the difference between pleasure and happiness, how the former sometimes contributes to happiness and not. Lists some of the attributes of happiness and peace. He speaks about the difference between an inner and outer life. Emphasises that mediation is not just about relaxation, but active cultivation of qualities. Also, he talks about the Buddhist practice of metta and compassion for oneself and others. Finally, he touches on the research carried out between Buddhism and happiness, hours of mediation, positive emotion and gamma rays in the brain.

Some interesting quotes that jumped out in the interview:

“Compassion without action is sterile, but action without compassion and wisdom is blind.”

“The universe is not a catalogue for your desires and fancies.”

“You can only choose something without drama, if it is what you truly aspire.”


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