Your Star Within – it’s all about perspective (part 1)

In Uncategorized on August 31, 2011 at 10:22 pm

The image and meaning behind ‘The Star’ card is simply beautiful. For me, above all the Star represents hope that points a way through the doom and gloom, even when there does not seem to be any light on the horizon.  It shouts out, “hold on to your hope and your dreams, baby!” The Star represents the inner belief that the future can and must be better than the past. In a spiritual sense, the Star signifies something grand that is part of everyone, what I call ‘Your Star Within.’ It’s the best of you – Wholeness, Completeness, Oneness.

The past and Your Star Within cannot really co-exist comfortably with each other. The past keeps you chained and in a mental prison, unable to take in and appreciate the beautiful light of Your Star Within and the hope that comes from living life from mostly a positive place. In this space, life is seen as a great opportunity, driven by the ideal of being true to yourself, your dreams and showing others that. Idealism is good when used healthily and not unrealistically. Nothing is achieved in fantasies. But it is the kind of hope and idealism that changes lives. Keeps you motoring through the dross and dreariness that cloaks us all at times! The benefit of allowing yourself to access the spiritual energy and strength that comes from Your Star Within encourages you to dare the Universe to take action in whatever areas of your life you want to change.  But, note, when you do invite change in life, this is not always easy.

The spiritual value of Your Star Within is not just about dusting yourself off and carrying on even after things have taken a turn for the worse. Making the same mistakes. Learning the same old lessons on the merry-go-round of life. Bolstering your self-esteem with all kinds of things that will never do the trick. The Star is about establishing a truly strong emotional and spiritual foundation that will surely lead to inner regeneration. It’s about allowing your inner strength and love for yourself to flower.  Allowing that part of your mind and nature that is spiritual as well as material to start flourishing even more.  Your Star Within, if cultivated, will remove old beliefs, break dead energy and bring down the walls of negativity that cloud the mind. Your own  creative majesty will be given a chance to expand and Your Star Within will start doing what it does best – shining its light. As the song says,

“ This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!”

Your Star Within represents calm. An invitation to reduce struggle and inner conflict.

The light of a star is beautiful, just as Your Star Within is healing and transformative. Powerful enough to change a person from the inside out. Powerful enough to transform others. Powerful enough to change the world. Just because of its beautiful and gentle light! Just as a star is beautiful in the dead of the night sky, the beauty of Your Star Within comes shining through into your own life when you allow it to be present.

But the laws of physics tell us the birth of a star is not a quick or easy affair. From the scientific view all sorts of molecular cocktails need to take place before a star is created, and it takes a long time. A star is born in a shockwave of ‘fire’, gas and explosion. It is a dramatic event in the laws of the cosmos. In the same way, the drama of growth and creation that each person has to go through to discover themselves can be equally as tumultuous. The journey from immaturity to maturity, from crawling to ‘walking’ and from being a follower of fashion to leader of your own destiny can be very painful. Or at least it feels that way when you are in the middle of it. No guide. No direction. No surety that your future will be better. Being yourself and making new choices. Building a new foundation. But the challenge is even more important at that time. Not to let the weight of all the years, or mistakes made and opportunities lost cripple you. Not to permit the bitterness of others jade you, or your own regrets skewer your optimism. Not to let past and unhappy events blot out a sunnier future. The temptation is not to move forward on that journey. To stay in the status quo longer than is needed, or to allow what should be a pause to turn into delay, because of fear.




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